Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Next verse, same as the first: Class sizes go up, funding goes down

Georgetown Times reporter Clayton Stairs says school officials intend to pack more children into their public school classrooms next year, due to "desperate straits" in funding. The district is facing a budget deficit that could total $4 million.

Savings from adding an average of one student per classroom would double or triple the amount saved from closing Plantersville and Browns Ferry elementary schools, officials said.

That would allow the district to have less teachers for the same number of students.

These and other ideas for budget cuts were on a list of suggestions released by the school district last week to get input from the community about possible budget cuts.
The school district is working to balance its budget for the next school year with a $3.5 to $4 million shortfall.
Meanwhile, some local residents say cuts should be made at the district office before adding students to classes or closing schools.

‘Equal or double’ other cuts

Randy Dozier, superintendent of local schools, said a class size increase will “equal or double all other cuts.”

He said eliminating middle school athletics would save the district about $60,000, but that amount could be saved by having one less teacher.

He added that the local school district has made a point to not increase class size in the past, but it may be one of the best options for budget cuts.

“If we do that, we are taking some steps backward,” Dozier said. “We are in desperate straits. I never thought we would get to this point.”

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