Monday, March 21, 2011

Heitsman: Haley's words and deeds are incongruent

Letter to The Editor
The State
Columbia, South Carolina 29202

The revelations The State newspaper has published concerning Governor Nikki Haley are proof that Governor Haley’s conservative positions are more con than serve and show the need for recall of public officials in South Carolina.

Her winning the governorship was predicated on several principles that she has abandoned in the short time she has been governor.

Her stance on fiscal responsibility does not apply to her own cabinet as she brings cabinet members on at a considerable increase from the salaries of Mark Sanford’s cabinet -- while she implores legislators to cut back on state pay for police, teachers, and doctors who actually help the citizens of South Carolina, not just the rich and well-connected.

Her accountability campaign proved to be an exercise in deceit since her committee to “fix” government in South Carolina meets behind closed doors in violation of both state law and her pledge of accountability.

Her promise to work with legislators, unlike her predecessor, resulted in a proposal to create a legislative report card so she can intimidate those legislators who have the courage to disagree with her. This winning through political intimidation shows that there are bullies inside the Statehouse as well as the school yards.

Finally, in what must be one of the most blatant examples of the arrogance of power in recent history the Governor has replaced Darla Moore on the University of South Carolina Board of Trustees with a Lexington attorney who’s service to the University was contributions to the Governor’s campaign.

It may be a little early but if anyone has a recall petition going I would like the opportunity to add my signature.

William C. Heitsman
Darlington, SC

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