Sunday, March 13, 2011

The State features advocate of effective education reform

Today's edition of The State features, among others, Six Mile resident Paul Odom, who was one of the 2,000-plus attendees rallying at the State Capitol yesterday for a "moral budget" and against further cuts to public services, especially public education.

Paul Odom drove 130 miles to Columbia on Saturday, paid $15 for a “Get EER Done” T-shirt and held two signs, one in each hand, high over his head for roughly 2,000 people to read: “Stop the Cuts.”

EER refers to the Effective Education Reform Act, a series of proposed bills and regulations that would improve working conditions for teachers. “Stop the Cuts” was the rallying cry of the South Carolina Education Association and a half-dozen other groups during a two-hour rally at the State House calling on state lawmakers to adopt “a moral budget.”

Odom isn’t a teacher. He isn’t married to one, and he is not the son of one, either. But he is the father of three children who went to public schools and graduated from college (Duke, Erskine and USC).

“Everybody needs to be in this together,” he said. “The folks who make the most money should, in my eyes, pay their fair share.”

Odom was also one of several who explained to The SCEA in a film clip why he'd traveled so far to participate in the event. His comments are seen below:

Click here for the rest of The State's coverage of the rally.

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