Sunday, April 3, 2011

Heitsman: Corporate state on the verge of replacing government

The art and science of demagoguery requires that the demagogues who lead social movements stir up peoples emotions in order to gain power. Therefore such movements do not need heroes to succeed but need a constant supply of devils.

As the Pharaohs used the Hebrews, the Romans used the Christians, and as Adolph Hitler used the Jews, public employees and public school teachers are now the targets and devils for the demagogues of the extreme right.

The shock jocks who inhabit much of talk radio and write columns, books, and letters to the editor are the major players in the takeover of governments large and small and as such are the prime propagandists of our era.

The goal is to take control of the national government as well as the state and local governments in order to dismantle the federal system of government and replace it with a government run by and for corporations. These corporations that are becoming part of an emerging international system of corporate states that are on the verge of taking over the job of governments.

This cannot be done until faith in local and state governments’ ability to solve problems is destroyed.

Historians recognize the former existence of the city state, which was replaced by the nation state. Groups of corporate power brokers, dedicated to the divine right of capital, are now creating a corporate state system, putting their propagandists on call day and night, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, to replace nation-state system and replace it with a global corporate state.

The reason for this is that nations keep passing laws to protect humans, the environment, and public employees and teachers that keep the powerful from making all the money in the universe.

These people run as Conservatives. They are more con than servatives, trying to keep the mythology of the past alive and well. Their ideology is based on John Wayne's individualism, Walt Disney’s planning, and Ronald Reagan’s image. In the disguise of fiscal responsibility, reform of government and saving the taxpayers money, they are deconstructing local, state and nation government and creating a mythological confederation of states that cannot, and is not supposed to, meet the needs of its citizens.

The goal is to use the economy to make the nation and state unable to form a more perfect union, incapable of establishing justice, unaware of domestic tranquility, and totally unworkable in its mandate to provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to anyone than the demagogue’s corporate sponsors.

Once this is accomplished they will create and administer the nation through a series of international corporations that will serve the functions of government without the transparency or accountability. The Constitution will be set aside and corporate policy will take its place.

The problem is that the con servative revolutionary movement, like all movements, requires a continuing supply of enemies or devils to keep it going. Therefore once the public employees and teachers and politicians have been dealt with, they must find new devils to keep the public's attention from the corruption and abuse that demagogues bring with them when they have power.

They must create a constant state of fear in order to create a perception of uselessness in order to get the public to replace the groups in control and put themselves in control.

Once in power, the demagogues must be replaced with people who know how to do things and get things done if the corporate state or any other vehicle that functions as a government is to remain in power. For this reason revolutionaries usually don’t stay in charge for too long and their demagogues and propagandists must be set aside.

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