Friday, June 17, 2011

Cheraw Primary promotes summer reading among youngsters

What a great idea. Is it possible to replicate this program for all of South Carolina's first- and second-graders? The Cheraw Chronicle explains:

Cheraw Primary participated in the Summer Reading Project sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Education May 23-24. As part of the program, all students in first and second grade were able to choose twelve books from a selection of over sixty titles of children’s literature to read.

Classrooms were set up similar to a book store where students could browse and select the books they wished to read. These books will become part of their home libraries.

Over the course of the summer, the children will read the books provided by the project, and with the help of parents, record their total reading times on calendars and discuss the books with each other.

When school begins in the fall, there will be a special program at the school to discuss the positive experiences related to the project, and to talk about research relating to children and reading.

Cheraw Primary School is excited the program which helps to maintain and improve reading skills in students, when given access to books throughout the summer.

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