Sunday, July 10, 2011

Breathe deep the summer breeze; 2011-2012 comes next month

Summer doesn't end until September 21, but summer break expires in less than a month's time, educators. Don't look now, but for those on traditional school calendars, the start of the 2011-2012 school year is now mere days away.

This note from the Times and Democrat in Orangeburg comes like ice-water to sunburnt cheeks:

Edisto High School will hold a Freshman Camp again this year for rising ninth-grade students at 8 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 2, in the EHS auditorium.

August 2! The second day of August... only 23 days away...

Can you get it all in before the 23 days are up? All the deep sleep, the rest, the relaxation, the cleaning, the summer reading, the cookouts? Have you made it to Tomlinson's this year, yet? Did you get to Bowen's Island? The Thunderbird at Exit 64? The Chat-N-Chew? McCabe's? Have you had time to fight mosquitoes with your grandkids at the Old Sheldon Church? You knew the Chocolate Tree changed hands this summer, though it's still in the family, didn't you?

If you haven't made that drive, and can't, I hope you'll still take a Sunday afternoon to go tubing on the Chauga, though watch out for chiggers. Or go to Saluda Shoals -- but take some ones, because they started charging to park two or three years ago.

Is there time for your own back-to-school shopping? Time's running out.

There was a time when summer break was a break: Start school the last week of August, get out by the first week of June. But life is hard, summer break is short, it's hot as blazes and the bulletin boards have to be put up.

At least you have 23 days left. Think about your co-workers who are still stripping and waxing floors, moving desks and tables, keeping the grounds mown, all under this unforgiving sun.

Twenty-three days, folks. Get it all in while you can. And be careful.

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