Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anthony's amendment 2 is debated

Note: Following is an encapsulation of actions taken and remarks made by legislators during today's debate. While this note does reflect remarks made by these lawmakers, it is not a full and verbatim transcript of the remarks.

Rep. Gene Pinson, debating Amendment 2 by Rep. Mike Anthony, asked if there's another measurement to use besides the PASS test.

Anthony: Each state has to declare a state test. We've declared the PASS test is our test. If you're going to take state money, it's fair to take a state test.

Rep. Jackie Hayes: We have no problem with children attending any school their parents want them to attend. When we're talking about state funds, we want everyone on the same page.

Anthony: This goes way back to 2003, Put Parents In Charge. Then, tax credits. This is the ultra, ultra light of all the voucher bills that have come before us.

Hayes: In your tenure, have your constituents asked you for a tax credit?

Anthony: Yes, we have a Christian day school; those are the parents who have asked for it. But we have 700,000 children in our public schools who take the PASS test. If these folks were willing to take this test, we'd be more comfortable.

Hayes: Would this give every student a chance to go to a private school?

Anthony: They'd always have to be accepted. It doesn't guarantee any physically or mentally handicapped kids would go to a private school.

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