Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anthony's Amendment 2 tabled

Note: Following is an encapsulation of actions taken and remarks made by legislators during today's debate. While this note does reflect remarks made by these lawmakers, it is not a full and verbatim transcript of the remarks.

Rep. Terry Alexander: Is this really apples to apples?

Anthony: No, different levels of deductions for different children, private schools versus home schools.

Alexander: Isn't a state test part of apples-to-apples?

Anthony: That's my amendment. It's only fair. I've never figured out why accountability didn't come with this.

Rep. Eric Bedingfield: A certain portion of federal education dollars is tied to identifying a state test.

Anthony: It's a mandate from the federal government that we identify a state test. We don't have a choice.

Bedingfield: Jo Anne Anderson said there are ways to compare apples to apples without using the same test.

Anthony: I saw the good work the EOC did, but I will tell you this: I know that the Stanford test is much different from ours. We created the PASS test to meet NCLB. Why wouldn't you want to take the state test if you take the state dollars?

Bedingfield: At the appropriate time, I will move to table this amendment.

Anthony: Under Inez Tenenbaum, we created the third toughest test in the nation.

___: In Pickens County, we had a child who enrolled in a private school. At Christmas, they decided that couldn't afford it and went back to a public school. Could they take the deduction?

Anthony: I don't know.

Rep. Tommy Pope: There's a lot of tension and teacher lament that teachers are just teaching to the test. Do you think the PASS test is good for our schools?

Anthony: I think it's outlived its time.

Allison: Move to table the amendment.

Anthony requested roll call.

Vote: 63-53, tabled.

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