Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ott's Amendment 22 adopted

Note: Following is an encapsulation of actions taken and remarks made by legislators during today's debate. While this note does reflect remarks made by these lawmakers, it is not a full and verbatim transcript of the remarks.

Brannon withdrew the next seven amendments, bringing the body to Rep. Harry Ott's Amendment 22.

Ott: This amendment says, Let's try it for five years, then look at it. If it's working, this body can reauthorize it. At least we can take a look.

We've voted down all amendments on accountability. Are we just going to throw money at it and hope our problems go away without evaluation the outcome?

With this amendment, in five years, they will get to re-evaluate and determine what they want to do.

Herbkersman: We have been throwing money at a problem without getting results. Would this amendment prevent changes over that five years?

Ott: If you come here next year and decide you want to change something, you can.

Y'all know I'm not for the bill. All I'm saying it, Let's take a breath, look at it after five years and see if it turned out the way you wanted.

Ott asked unanimous consent to change from a five-year period to a seven-year period, which was granted.

Bedingfield requested roll call on adopting the amendment.

Vote: 67-46, adopted!

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