Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A selection of texts on vouchers in South Carolina

Given the possibility that our lawmakers may consider the 2012 edition of their voucher bill, I thought it helpful to offer a catalog of readings on vouchers.

Anderson Independent Mail weighs in against vouchers

Vouchers and "school choice" remain political, not educational

Kozol: Vouchers are part of corporate privatization plans

Loftis op-ed on vouchers, tuition tax credits doesn't mention cost

Katy, bar the door: Court offers 'roadmap' for private school vouchers

How SC's Gressette Commission invented vouchers, tuition tax credits

Poll: SC voters oppose vouchers 2-to-1, want to improve schools

Scores shows vouchers are no miracle pill, even in Milwaukee

Spearman: South Carolina cannot afford vouchers, tax credits

Dog-and-pony show pushes vouchers in Spartanburg

History repeats: The State on vouchers, 2007

Krohne: Public funds for private schools an "irresponsible proposal"

421 Charleston school jobs in jeopardy, but lawmakers consider vouchers

Florence 1 votes against vouchers, bus privatization

Florence 1 opposes privatization, vouchers, 1989 funding

Roosevelt Institute exposes privatization's motives

Cobb-Hunter raises equal-standards argument in voucher bill

Wisconsin lawmaker explains ALEC's position on education

Ravitch: Lessons from Finland that America won't learn

Could Scientologists open a charter school in South Carolina?

Part 2: FreedomWorks peddles vouchers in Spartanburg

Business marches to take over public education

Ravitch: Well-funded effort to replace public schools

Ravitch: Don't let schools become "profit centers"

Spearman: Out-of-state interests governing our government

The Zais Plan to improve public schools: Support vouchers & charters instead

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