Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Voucher bill passes House committee, 16-8

Adam Beam of The State is reporting that the House Ways and Means Committee approved this year's voucher-and-tax-deduction bill by a vote of 16 to 8.

Assuming that the bill will be "read out" tomorrow, it could be taken up as early as Thursday by the full House of Representatives. With out-of-state billionaires breathing down the necks of moderate House conservatives -- and promising primary opposition for those who stray from the cause -- the outcome may be predictable. We have so few principled statesmen and stateswomen any more.

God help South Carolina and her 700,000 public schoolchildren. If this plan is adopted, we'll spend the next 30 years digging ourselves out of another hole, and we'll leave the rational decision-making to our grandchildren.


  1. So, are these private schools going to be held accountable (certified teachers and standardized testing) now that tax dollars are involved? I'm appalled at the dirty politics being played in South Carolina. The children are the innocent ones...shame, shame, shame!!!!

    1. South Carolina cannot afford two education systems.