Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Voucher debate begins in the South Carolina House

Note: Following is an encapsulation of actions taken and remarks made by legislators during today's debate. While this note does reflect remarks made by these lawmakers, it is not a full and verbatim transcript of the remarks.

Rep. Rita Allison has offered Amendment 1 to HB 4894, the voucher bill. Allison was one of several Republicans who voted against the voucher bill last year. Her amendment is adopted.

Rep. Mike Anthony offered Amendment 2, asking that students receiving vouchers be subject to testing as well as children in traditional public schools.

"Grades 3 through 8 take the PASS test. A big thing about choice for 10 years has been competition, competition, competition. You can't compete without a level playing field. If their parents are going to be allowed to get a deduction, it's only fair that they take a test."

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