Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Zais re-starts his campaign website

Fifteen months into his four-year term as superintendent of education, Mick Zais has decided it's time to kickstart his 2014 campaign for re-election.

I can't believe I missed this last Thursday, but Zais picked that day to re-start the website whose front page identifies it as his "campaign website."

Conventional wisdom would suggest ramping up such campaign activity after this year's election cycle, when the legislature has settled back down and the political world will focus all of its attention on the races of 2014.

But maybe Zais has gotten an inkling that he's a fairly unpopular -- even disliked -- leader and feels the need to rev his engines early, to help draw money from funders who already have their checkbooks open for this year's candidates, and perhaps to scare off any opponents from within his own party. Rumors do fly around Columbia that Zais may draw some primary competition.

Regardless the real reason, Zais has welcomed back his followers -- or is he welcoming himself back, after so many absences? -- to boot up his campaign. Mind you, he's not promising to offer much information, only laying down a marker and begging readers to sign up for his campaign emails.

Here's the compelling text:

Welcome back to After shutting down the website for over a year, I’ve decided to turn it back on again so I can share news articles and my perspective on education policy.

Many of you are Facebook friends and follow me on Twitter, and I appreciate your support. This blog is another avenue where we can a discussion about policy and why education must be transformed to meet the needs of students.

I hope you’ll come back often to The website will be bare bones for a little while, but the blog will be updated frequently. If you’re not not subscribed to my e-mail list, please do so today. Thanks for visiting!

Mick Zais

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