Thursday, January 19, 2012

Haley proposes elimination of arts funding, again

I missed this entirely but Brad Warthen didn't:

Based on the emails I get, one of the best-organized lobbies in South Carolina is the one that promotes the arts. Of course, they need to be if their favored programs are to survive, since it appears that each year that Nikki Haley is governor is going to be a battle for existence for the state Arts Commission and related recipients of state funding.

Click through to Brad's page for a downloadable registration form to attend the "arts advocacy day" at the State House.

And I'll add a suggestion of my own. Given the myriad photography software packages floating around, and the myriad photographs of our illustrious governor available on the internet, those more artistic blog readers should use this challenge to arts funding from the governor to demonstrate the effectiveness of art in communicating emotion. I'm no Andy Warhol, but I pledge to do my part.

Arts Advocacy Day at the State House is February 7.

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