Monday, January 23, 2012

Supt. Agnes Slayman starts on the right foot in Chester

Only two weeks into her new assignment as superintendent of Chester County School, Dr. Agnes Slayman is starting off on the right foot, according to reporting by the News & Reporter of Chester County.

“The first thing is, I want us to hire and retain great teachers,” Slayman said. “The teachers we have in the classroom are the foundation for student learning.”

Well-begun is half-done! And in the interest of being a "strong advocate for public education, Slayman told reporter Denyse Clark,

She has been getting to know district employees, visiting the schools and “gathering thoughts from everyone,” she said.

Getting to know her employees before implementing any new programs. Visiting her schools. Gathering thoughts from everyone.

Slayman for State Superintendent? She certainly brings a South Carolina-rooted awareness of public education, and an extensive record in the education professions.

Slayman was one of four finalists chosen for the position. She has a doctor of philosophy degree from the University of South Carolina in educational administration and has taught middle school special needs populations and social studies in an alternative setting. She has been a high school assistant principal, a middle and high school principal and was the assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction for the Kershaw County School District. For the past 29 years, she has been an administrator in education and a strong advocate for public education, she said.

And after setting the hiring and maintenance of great teachers as her first priority, listen to the principles that round out Slayman's vision for her district:

“We want to bring in innovative instructional practices that foster student achievement,” she said.
“We need to have and assure our facilities support 21st century learning,” she said.
“We've got to be able to reach all of their learning modalities,” she said.
“We plan to practice due diligence with our budget to assure we're putting our money where we will get the biggest bang for our buck,” she said. “If we do all of these things, we will see the success.”

Great teachers, great practices, great facilities, and wise budget priorities, from a superintendent who meets with and listens to her employees.

That's a plan.


  1. Great lady. As a teacher that currently teaches in Sumter I regret that Chester is too far to drive. I would love to work for this lady. I sign Anonymous due to current work situation in Sumter.

  2. I am also a teacher in Sumter who had the great honor and pleasure of working for Dr. Slayman 10 years ago when she was a principal in Kershaw county. Chester county is gaining an amazing leader. If it weren't too far to drive I would be summiting my resume. Dr. Slayman supports her teachers. I sign anonymous, as well.